Luke and Vera met through the fact that both their older brothers were best friends. Having known of each other’s existence prior to meeting face to face, they were living very different paths. That was until one day Vera was invited to tag along to a gig that Luke and his older brother Nathan were playing with their band. Fast forward to Vera being impressed by Luke’s drumming and a slightly bizarre ex-girlfriends 18th Birthday party, the two of them finally talked to one another later that evening. This was the start of what was to become a relationship that grew into a creative partnership on so many levels.

Since those early years, Vera and Luke have travelled the world as tourists and even more extensively through their individual and collaborative music careers. Combined they have won numerous independent music awards, ranging from their videos to merchandise and live shows, they have played in numerous festivals and supported a plethora of high profile acts. It was the music that brought them to the U.K., their music noticed by the legendary Marc Marot (former president of Island/Def Jam). Getting a little older as you do and tired of the music industry treadmill they decided to focus on Vera’s design work and accessories. 4 years later and here we are today.